Enrich your data for deeper insights with tools that enable powerful segmentation and interoperability.


Where data from multiple sources is available through a single repository or CDP, we work to enrich that data, by reducing noise and improving segmentation and categorisation.

Segmentation from a single source of truth

Raw data still needs to be curated to ensure that it is readily identifiable and available for distribution to the relevant services required by a user.  Our expert transformation team will analyse your current people, processes and customer life cycle and then work with you on segmenting data to enable improved visibility across the data sets.

Ultimately this information will be used for customer profiling and targeting for future communications campaigns. Our transformation specialists are available to work with you on or offsite in order to drive your API-led integration.

Implementation of the right marketing technologies

We pride ourselves on our agnostic solutions approach, organisations come to us for various solutions from a new custom CPD build, integration with 3rd party systems, to the implementation and customisation of an existing solution such as Salesforce and Adobe Marketing Cloud as gold partners.

Our experience in this area spans over 8 years with the likes of medium and large organisations working to improve their campaign management processes through integration and automation at every step of the customer journey.