Collect data from disparate sources to build single view of your customer.


Data is valuable when collected and used, otherwise it's just junk.

Data Transformation

Data is valuable when collected and used, otherwise it's just junk. Organisations have many sources of disparate data, that is generated and retained by different systems and applications.  These systems and applications  usually maintain this data in their respective forms within their infrastructure.  

What if you could import this data into a single cloud based repository, for use and digestion by your customer management tools (such as CRMs or Task Managers) and AGI or LLM (Large Learning Models) for process, content or task automation?  We specialise in guiding you through the process of data transformation into a singularity and make that data available across multiple 3rd party systems to improve customer profiling, journey management and automation.


In order to ensure that a transformation project is successful we must first understand the environment and eco-system within which you operate.  Our transformation team look to gather insights into your current systems, processes and where you are in your transformational journey.  

This allows them to then suggest advice on process improvements, identify focal integration points and areas where there may be potential security concerns.  Ultimately this leads to a project roadmap and timeline for implementation looking at the shortest and leanest ways to execute a project using onshore and offshore resources to maximise cost savings.

Data Collection

With our capabilities you have the luxury of building point-to-point integrations where complex legacy solutions require this level of customisation or using 3rd party solutions such as Mulesoft to enhance Master Data Management (MDM).

Our transformation team will look at your current data collection methods and data sources, which may include proprietary and cloud based solutions such as CRM, ERP, finance and HR applications and services.  We recognise that enterprise data management is not only about getting the most out of your data, but making certain a specific level of compliance is met along the way.  The end game is to use data integration to provide access to customer, product, and company information across the enterprise.

Systems Integration and Mapping

We have years of proven experience and expertise in developing solutions for data integration or migration to an off-the-shelf or custom developed Customer Data Platform (CDP) for medium and large enterprises the world over.  

This is why we hold gold partner status with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Mule Soft.  Our technical teams are trained in business analysis, software programming in languages such as Python, .NET, Javascript, React.js and many more, developing custom integration services and APIs whilst supporting our partner and custom developed solutions in the medium to long term.