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Fink group owns and operates several award-winning restaurants in Australia, some of these include distinguished brands such as QUAY, OTTO, Bennelong and Firedoor to name a few.

All these restaurants have unique dining
experiences and require a tailored approach from design aesthetics to production.  Some of the products we deliver to them include coasters, chocolate boxes, pillow packs, packaging, labels and stickers, signage, point of sale merchandise, menus, paper bags amongst many other items.

Due to the variety of locations and people responsible for ordering products for instore and marketing purposes the Fink Group required a solution which enabled online ordering, tracking and a facility to manage stock which could be replenished on a regular basis. Due to the last-minute nature of the promotions and store openings, we were challenged with having to ensure products were produced and delivered in a timely manner to each store while ensuring any potential freight delay was mitigated.


Due to the diverse range of products, multiple personnel, and various sites we developed a portal solution that allowed managers to effortlessly order products on demand.  These orders could then be sent out as required to the various delivery points Australia wide. Fink was one of our original online portal users, prior to the development of our Connekta Platform.  They currently use our online portal to order all products, however, have commissioned the transition to Connekta from mid-April 2022 for their entire business.

We also looked to save on costs by bulk buying and warehousing stock, including the provision of sound design and production advice to ensure costs were always kept to a minimum without
compromising on quality and output as well as bundling consignments to decrease freight charges.

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