Digitizing manual repetitive workflows.


Digitizing manual repetitive workflows.


We can securely collect or re-direct mail to our nearest scanning facilities located in NSW, ACT, VIC & QLD. Integration with other digital data sources or SFTP retrieval is also available under a PCI-DSS environment.


Secure scanning locations (with swipe card access & cameras) will prepare mail for scanning (incl. removal of staples) and then scan using our high-speed Kodak i3000 and Panini Vision X scanners with MICR and superior image quality.


Documents are then classified into different categories where our solution offers suggestions based on existing taxonomies.


Our AI based extraction tools recognise various content types and support the handling of diverse formats at 99.5% accuracy.


Extracted data is routed through bespoke workflows to apply validation, enrichment, case collation, keyword search, or more advanced Natural Language Processing.


Finalised output in the form of PDF (with meta), XML and CSV files can be routed to out-of-the-box integrations such as salesforce, hyper science, Azure, and custom systems using our easy-to-use Python libraries.


Storage of finalised output files can be maintained through our PC-DSS compliant archive management system that includes indexed PDF documents (with meta) & customised filtering and retrieval options with user permissions and audit trail for enhanced security.


All physical articles are shredded and destroyed either on site or by way of our PCI-DSS certified waste management service provider Bingo Industries.