Comply with customer preferences and regulation across all channels.


Where data from multiple sources is available through a single repository or CDP, we work to enrich that data, by reducing noise and improving segmentation and categorisation.


  • Building rules that understand consent requirements built around GDPR, CCPA and other privacy regulations.
  • Identify methods of opt-in and opt-out of data collection, data usage and contact methods across all channels.
  • Mapping consent data to customer profiles (including updating preferences where required) for use cross-channel.


  • Securing restricted data to ensure it is not sent to activation channels and 3rd party vendors.
  • Data is meta tagged with labels that can be used to flag restricted data types (e.g. physical addresses, credit data etc).


  • The tagged data and preferences can be used to create actions in activation systems downstream such as suppressing certain data fields to ensure they do not enter or remain hidden in these systems or ensuring that preferences in respect to one channel are shared in other channels.