Grow your current customers and acquire new ones.


When it comes time to communicate with your customer we provide various channels in accordance with your required purpose.


  • Connect to your digital asset library (DAM).
  • Connekta is integrated to Intelligence bank, Adobe Experience Manager out of the box. It also has its in-built CX Editor to enable template creation from .psd, .ai, .pdf, .html and .idd file formats in the web browser.
  • Custom integrations can also be developed, where required.


  • Create templates tagged with audience tags that can be used based on audiences created in you CDP.
  • Identify areas on these templates that will be variable (personalised) based on audience and pull assets directly from your DAM where these are approved images and from the customer profile for text inclusions.


  • Create omni-channel campaigns built with personalised content aimed at using templates based on target audiences.
  • As can be seen from the example on the right data from multiple sources add behavioural insights to a customer profile, in turn determining his/her segment or audience e.g. purchase history, interests, preferred products etc.