Re-activating Hello Fresh customers that they thought were lost!

Abandoned cart

Personalised Direct Mail


HelloFresh faced a challenge common to many online subscription businesses, which was the loss of customers due to lapsing subscriptions or abandoned carts during the ordering process. Additionally, they had a list of 400,000 customers who had either unsubscribed or stopped engaging with email campaigns. Reacon Group was engaged activate these customers and regain their interest in HelloFresh's meal-kit service. 


To address the challenge, Reacon group provided solution that involved executing a Direct Mail campaign targeted at the list of abandoned cart customers. The solution required extracting addresses for each email and creating personalized mailers to be sent to these customers.

By utilizing Direct Mail, HelloFresh aimed to re-engage customers in a more tangible and attention-grabbing way compared to digital channels. Direct Mail has the potential to stand out and rekindle the customers' interest in HelloFresh's offerings.

Additionally, to ensure the timely production and delivery of the Direct Mail campaign materials, HelloFresh had to overcome the challenge of last-minute promotions and store openings. This required efficient coordination and the mitigation of potential freight delays. By implementing effective project management techniques, such as clear timelines, communication channels, and contingency plans, HelloFresh could ensure the production and delivery of the Direct Mail materials in a timely manner.

Overall, the solution involved utilizing Direct Mail to re-engage customers who had abandoned their carts or unsubscribed, and overcoming the challenge of last-minute promotions and store openings by implementing efficient project management strategies.


  • Utilizing a Direct Mail campaign approach for customer engagement.
  • Cleansing and validating the data by cross-matching emails with residential addresses from other providers.
  • Successful matching of 47% of the emails with residential addresses, providing Hello Fresh with 200,000 verified addresses for targeting.
  • Execution of the campaign using an outer Envelope, Personalized Letter, and Coupon Card with a unique redemption code affixed to the letter as the call to action.
  • Distribution of the campaign pack through Australia Post to national letterboxes.
  • Achieving a redemption rate of over 3%, indicating a positive response from the targeted recipients.

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