Fitting out a new multi-purpose
facility for the Canberra Raiders


The Raiders Centre is one of the largest and impressive high-performance facilities in Australian sport and is fitted out with several features, including a modern and expansive gym, hydrotherapy facilities, theatre, filming studio and modern facilities throughout.

Due to the diverse range of signage in dry and wet areas for application on floors, walls and ceilings, long lead times were required for production and installation. Among other things, the challenge was completion of the signage installations to meet the season launch.Due to the last-minute nature of the promotions and store openings, we were challenged with having to ensure products were produced and delivered in a timely manner to each store while ensuring any potential freight delay was mitigated.


The use of different materials by Reacon
empowered the Raiders team to publish their desired content around the Raiders Centre using their own content strategy. This strategy, equipped with Reacon’s expertise, allowed for the targeting of specific content to locker rooms, foyers, the gym and offices. These were tailored for each type of area to ensure the highest level of signage use and messaging.  

Through directly collaborating with the lead building construction manager and establishing tightly monitored parallel manufacturing and installation timing, the facility was dressed and ready for the season launch on time and within budget.

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