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Reason group provided its expertise to The Fink Group in managing their diverse restaurants due to the variety of locations and individuals responsible for ordering and to streamline the process and ensure consistent quality and timely delivery. Each restaurant's unique identity required a tailored approach to design aesthetics and production, further complicating coordination. Last-minute promotions and store openings add urgency, necessitating efficient coordination and mitigating potential freight delays.


Reacon Group addressed the above challenge by using a comprehensive solution that required the following processes.

Implemented an online ordering platform streamlined the ordering process and centralized it in one location. It enabled individuals from different restaurants to easily place orders for various items required for in-store and marketing purposes.

The solution included a robust tracking system to monitor the status and location of orders. Additionally, a stock management feature allowed the Fink Group to maintain inventory levels, track product usage, and automatically replenish stock as needed. To ensure timely delivery of products, the solution integrated production scheduling and logistics management. This helped optimize production timelines and coordinate with freight services to mitigate potential delays.

The solution facilitated the customization of various items, such as coasters, packaging, menus, and more, to cater to the unique requirements of each restaurant. It should also provide tools for managing design aesthetics and artwork approval processes.

Effective communication channels were established within the solution to facilitate collaboration between the Fink Group, suppliers, and internal stakeholders. This ensured clear and prompt communication regarding order specifications, changes, and updates.
By implementing a comprehensive solution with these features, the Fink Group streamlined their product ordering and management processes, improved efficiency, maintained consistent quality, and ensured timely delivery of customized items to their award-winning restaurants across Australia.


  • The development of a portal solution allowed managers to easily place orders for a diverse range of products.
  • The portal solution facilitated the efficient dispatch of orders to multiple delivery points across Australia.
  • The Fink Group has recognized the value of the online portal and has commissioned the transition to Connekta, a comprehensive platform, from mid-April 2022. This transition will further enhance their ordering and management processes across their entire business.
  • By bulk buying and warehousing stock, the Fink Group was able to save on costs.
  • Additionally, the solution provider offered sound design and production advice to minimize costs without compromising quality and output. Bundling consignments also helped decrease freight charges.

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