Fitting out a new multi-purpose facility for the Canberra Raiders

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The challenge faced in this scenario is the need for timely production and installation of diverse signage in the Raiders Centre, considering the different areas such as floors, walls, and ceilings that require signage application. Long lead times were required for production and installation, which posed a challenge, especially with the goal of completing the signage installations in time for the season launch. 


Reacon Group implemented a streamlined production planning process to optimize the manufacturing of signage. Fostered collaboration between signage designers, contractors, and the Raiders Centre team to ensure efficient design that meets the aesthetic and functional requirements of each area.

To address the challenge of potential freight delays, Reacon Group worked closely with reliable logistics partners and providers to ensure efficient and timely delivery of signage materials to each store or location. This involved exploring expedited shipping options or establishing contingency plans in case of unforeseen delays.

Implemented robust quality control measures to ensure the accuracy, durability, and effectiveness of the signage. Conducted thorough testing and inspections to address any potential issues before installation, reducing the chances of rework or delays caused by faulty signage.


  • Utilization of different materials by Reacon empowered the Raiders team to publish desired content throughout the Raiders Centre, aligning with their content strategy.
  • Tailoring the content for specific areas such as locker rooms, foyers, the gym, and offices to maximize signage use and messaging effectiveness.
  • Collaboration with the lead building construction manager to ensure close coordination and monitoring of parallel manufacturing and installation timelines.
  • Successful dressing of the facility in a timely manner, meeting the deadline for the season launch.
  • Achievement of the project within the allocated budget, demonstrating efficient resource management.

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