Integrating marketing optimisation with variable data involving personalised user experience and collaboration with cross functional teams.


Reacon tackled the migration process on marketing automation platforms for Iag. The team successfully completed two migrations, overcoming the complexities involved in transitioning to new platforms. This ensured a seamless transition, enabling iag to leverage the benefits of advanced marketing automation tools.


We established efficient processes and were able to streamline the campaign management workflow. This allowed for timely and effective execution of daily campaigns, ensuring that Iag could reach their target audience with personalized and engaging content.

Reacon handled the emergency storm warning by implementing a system to manage and deliver these messages promptly and accurately. By having a reliable mechanism in place, Iag could communicate crucial information to their customers during emergency situations, enhancing their safety and well-being.
Additionally, Reacon developed comprehensive monthly reporting mechanisms to evaluate campaign success.


  • Seamless transition of iag to new marketing automation platforms.
  • Effective execution of daily email and SMS campaigns.
  • Timely delivery of emergency storm warning messages.
  • Accurate and informative monthly reports, providing insights for campaign optimization.

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