Unifying brand communications for banking group


The Westpac Banking Corporation (WBC) brands all have distinct identities but there are also key elements common to all as contemporary but established financial services providers. A deep understanding of the identity and voice of each brand is essential to execute their campaigns accurately, efficiently and with speed to market.

Most campaigns/strategies apply across multiple brand identities potentially increasing the scale or scope of each project exponentially. Creating a strain on marketing resources, increasing production and supplier costs.

Trust is a major concern for financial services brands and it is critical that they avoid the often long-lasting effects of data security breaches. When customers’ trust is broken, it is not long before they turn elsewhere and they can be almost impossible to win back.

With over 13 million customers, Westpac also needed a provider with the capacity to operate at scale and with over two decades of experience of successfully managing the complexity of multi-channel campaigns (Mail, Email, SMS & 2-way SMS) across multiple brands.


  • Implementing continuous and standard direct marketing campaigns at every stage of the banks’ customer’s lives, automating communications wherever possible.
  • Campaigns span: digital and traditional welcome campaigns, customer engagement, upsell, cross-sell, spend stimulation customer retention. Examples include credit card balance transfer, credit limit increase, home loan and personal loan offers.
  • Maintaining different brand identities and brand voices across the WBC brands, with the strictest adherence to multiple brand guidelines.
  • Development of a ‘one-brief-multi-brand’ approach allows The Westpac Group marketers to amalgamate processes, artwork and briefs with mmw3degrees building out the individual bran iterations and messages based on data.
  • Our role is to understand the campaign results outcomes needed and to consult with the brands on the best way of achieving them.
  • We streamline processes and provide relevant documentation to the Westpac Corporation brands’ staff.
  • The mmw3degrees commitment to quality assurance focuses on campaigns being executed with accuracy for peace of mind and reputation management. We are ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems accredited, giving the brands the confidence that we consistently deliver their vision. We have a team of auditors, carrying out approx. 72 audited checks to ensure brand consistency, quality and accuracy in all aspects of every job completed by mmw3degrees.
  • We provide single point of contact for integrated multichannel campaign management for consistent brand identity and easy execution of multiple content approaches.
  • Regular fortnightly and monthly meetings are held with key relationship contacts to ensure we are continuing to add value and provide the best possible outcomes for each campaign.


Seamless marketing and mandatory campaign execution across all brands while maintaining specific brand identity and voice, helping Westpac and all their brands communicate effectively with their customers for over 20 years and ensure they maintain and improve their retention rates and market share.

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