Helping Teva build product awareness via a customised sampling program


Teva is a specializes primarily in generic drugs, but other business interests include active pharmaceutical ingredients and, to a lesser extent, proprietary pharmaceuticals. Sampling helps pharmaceutical companies build awareness, gather physician feedback and forecast production requirements. New Australian laws were introduced in 2021 governing drug sampling to prevent physicians from stock piling samples and ensure strict governance of end users. Pharmaceutical companies were required to track samples and provide this information during a subsequent audit putting many programs at risk of closure.


  • The creation of an online portal for sample ordering, where each physician was given access based on a unique identifier, namely their APRAH number.
  • Upon login a patient’s birth date and initials were also required as well as the version of the Nuvigil drug that the patient was given (150mg or 250mg). This completed the tracking circle, from Teva to physician to patient
  • .Further features included the ability to track stock levels, helping TEVA stay informed on when to replenish stock for a particular physician and ensure sales reps could maintain a direct relationship with physicians.
  • The tightly controlled procurement strategy honed into localized suppliers bound by a single quality control mechanism to ensure the same products were produced and ready for the Sydney launch.


The dynamic design and reporting capabilities of the sampling portal, has enabled Teva to run a robust sampling program contributing to the building of awareness amongst physicians in respect to Nuvigil. The seamless ordering process and rep notifications when sample stocks are low with a particular physician enables reps to constantly stay engage with physicians, gather feedback on the program as well as suggest other similar programs that may be of interest to the physicians and their patients.

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